Maybe Tomorrow

2011 | Narrative Short | 10 min


Maybe Tomorrow offers a humanistic portrayal of a custodian (Steve O'Connor), his magnetization to a figure skater (Jessica Marshall), and the persecution from his boss (Mat Cantore). The film twists and turns, keeping the audience off balance as it weaves an unpredictable tale. The school's effort garnered the Audience Choice Award at the competition showcase.


Produced for 2011 Sleepless in Lake Placid 24-hour Student Filmmaking Competition by Team Marist

**Winner of Audience Choice Award at competition showcase.

Cast & Credits

Cast: Steve O'Connor, Jessica Marshall, Matthew Cantore, Veronica Montes, Sonny, Hanz the Dog

Producers: Mike Caiola, Jon O'Sullivan, Ryan Rivard, Nick Sortino

Original Music: Joe Bradford, Ryan Rivard