Living The Falcon

2012 | Short Documentary | 28 minutes


Hidden in the heart of the Hudson Valley, owner Tony Falco is changing the way small venues do music with The Falcon. Starting out with friends and family in his backyard, Falco has grown a following of musicians, performers, and entertainment enthusiasts with his donation based music venue in Marlboro, NY.


2012 Eli Jaffe Film Competition (*Finalist)

Marist College 2012 Silver Fox Awards (*Best Documentary)

Cast & Credits

Director: Ryan Rivard

Producer: Ryan Rivard, Jon O'Sullivan

Editor: Jon O'Sullivan

Post-Production Audio, Additional Editing: Ryan Rivard

Production Assistant: Steven Danziger

Music: Amina Figurova, Becca Stevens Band, Chris Bergson, Jim Campilongo, KJ Denhert, Mike Miz, Pucho Brown and the Latin Soul Brothers, Spottiswoode & His Enemies (All performances recorded at The Falcon)

Cast (in order of appearance): Tony Falco, Veronica O'Keefe, Chad Greer, Chris Combs, Becca Stevens, Steven Bernstein, Mike Miz, Brian Haas, KJ Denhert, Akie Bermiss, Alexis P. Sueter, Edlene Hart, Jordan Perlson, Chris Tordini, Dale Demarco, Ignacio Berroa, Chris Bergson


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