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Reviving the Stupid Portal

OkStupidRyan RivardComment

When I launched the OkStupid Kickstarter, I had an idea to create the Stupid Portal - a place where people could check out behind the scenes nuggets as we reached each fundraising level throughout the campaign.

Unfortunately, we failed to reach our goal and only passed the $2k mark. The Stupid Portal was left unfinished.

This past Sunday, I relaunched the Stupid Portal as a weekly newsletter that shares a little progress update on the film, and a few worthy links about online dating. In the first issue, we launched the official Instagram for our backers.

When I was kid, I used to steal the Sunday paper from Dad for the back page comics. Or as I called them, the funnies. I want the Stupid Portal to bring you the joy and entertainment the funnies gave me every Sunday.

Most of our subscribers to the Portal are funders from our Indiegogo, but it's open to anyone. If you'd like to subscribe, there's a handy sign-up form below.

We Made Our Goal

OkStupidRyan RivardComment

It's been a long road to get OkStupid funded. One failed Kickstarter and a successful Indiegogo campaign later, we did it.

It was only a little over a year ago, when I binge-watched all eight seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I was also online dating. These two coinciding experiences sparked an idea to write a silly script about online dating that I thought was kind of funny.

To see this idea supported by friends, family, and others makes me feel enormously lucky. Thank you for your generosity. I can promise you that your support will create something special. In honor of reaching our goal, I'm sharing a rough cut of a scene that you can watch below.

Remember, you can still contribute to our campaign in the next 35 hours. Our original Kickstarter goal was $5k, so we set the bar low on Indiegogo. If you are able to and would still like to support us, I urge you to do so. It'll go towards a great project that's being made by a group of talented, awesome people who have a passion for creating, and more importantly, making people laugh.

OkStupid Scene 04 Rough Cut

OkStupid Indiegogo Nears Goal

OkStupidRyan RivardComment

We're almost there. Our Indiegogo campaign is now less than $300 from reaching its fundraising goal. Many of our original Kickstarter backers have pledged their support once again, some of you have even increased your previous pledge. About a third of our funders are new supporters of the project. I'm grateful for each and every one of you.

Earlier this week, I shared a rough cut of a scene with our with our pledge matchers. If you backed our Kickstarter, but have not pledged on Indiegogo, you have until this Sunday 7/20. If you choose to support us again, you will instantly receive an exclusive link to stream the scene. It's that simple.

Thank you all once again. Keep on sharing.

Giving OkStupid Another Go

Ryan RivardComment

After unsuccessfully reaching our goal on Kickstarter just a few weeks ago, I decided to shoot what we could with no money. We scrapped together some equipment and a few friends to help out. In one weekend, we completed 2/3 of principal photography. But now, we've hit a road block. The final two scenes require more production costs, and we need your help to finish shooting and get us through post-production. Since we had such great support on our Kickstarter, I wanted to give crowdfunding another go. An Indiegogo to be exact.

The new OkStupid campaign can be found on Indiegogo - complete with a NEW video featuring footage that will be used in the actual film.

We have an exclusive reward for those who pledged to our Kickstarter. If you match the pledge from the Kickstarter campaign on Indiegogo, I'll send you a link to preview a scene that we've already completed. [Scene expected to be complete in early July]. This will give you an immediate sense as to what you're supporting. For better or worse. Hopefully the better.

I encourage you to look at our new campaign. I hope you decide to support us again and invite some new faces to join the ride too.

Thank you all.