Giving OkStupid Another Go

After unsuccessfully reaching our goal on Kickstarter just a few weeks ago, I decided to shoot what we could with no money. We scrapped together some equipment and a few friends to help out. In one weekend, we completed 2/3 of principal photography. But now, we've hit a road block. The final two scenes require more production costs, and we need your help to finish shooting and get us through post-production. Since we had such great support on our Kickstarter, I wanted to give crowdfunding another go. An Indiegogo to be exact.

The new OkStupid campaign can be found on Indiegogo - complete with a NEW video featuring footage that will be used in the actual film.

We have an exclusive reward for those who pledged to our Kickstarter. If you match the pledge from the Kickstarter campaign on Indiegogo, I'll send you a link to preview a scene that we've already completed. [Scene expected to be complete in early July]. This will give you an immediate sense as to what you're supporting. For better or worse. Hopefully the better.

I encourage you to look at our new campaign. I hope you decide to support us again and invite some new faces to join the ride too.

Thank you all.

So Close

We have 12 hours to hit our goal. Unless our angel investor falls from the sky, it appears that OkStupid will unsuccessfully reach its goal. As Willy Wonka says, "You get nothing!"

I want to thank all 46 of our backers. Many of which are friends and family that support me even when there isn't a Kickstarter. For that, I'm eternally grateful.

Despite this shortcoming, OkStupid will still be made. It may take longer. We may need to do some extra begging for free favors, but it will be made. I'd love for you all to continue being part of that process. Subscribe to the newsletter below to receive project updates, and stay informed on how you can be involved.


Thanks you all the original OkStupid backers: (all names hand-typed; no copy and paste)

Dylan Wise, Peter Curtis, Jess DeCarolis, Joe Bradford, Jonathan Park, Liz Jasko, Steve Danziger, Megan Keane, Donald Hofmann, Angela Tucker, Jason Buyer, Joshua Welt, Marco des Moines, Fabio Petruzziello, Aaron Fisher, Eva Petruzziello, Stephen Werdick, Claudio Petruzziello, Alex Roithmayr, Dan Rahmlow, Alyssa Wanser, Jim Neibler, Pamela Chomba, Kristen Carle, Katie Meena, Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker, Aimee Beltramini, Kevin P. Kearney, Melissa Fogel Buyer, Matthew Stewart, Seth Brittle, Erica Suarino, Dianna Kennis, Brian Cao, Sara, John and Stephanie Williams, T.J. Riordan, Steve Sabato, Theresa Basile, Dennis Lee, Tracy Miller, Stephanie Grossman, Leigh Ann Rivard, Stephanie King, Brian Smith, Peggy Chobanian, Glenn Rivard